Are You Still Buying Bottled Water?

Are you nuts?

You’re paying money for water that you can get for free from your household tap plus a fee for a plastic bottle that will probably not be recycled. It boggles my mind,. I’ll maybe let it go if you’re buying sparkling water, you have money to throw away, but anyone buying regular water are, how do i put it gently….. stupid. Why in the world would you think that bottled water is better for you? Water has 0 levels of everything. OK, if you live in Flint, Michigan then you’re screwed. But everywhere else in the US and Canada the water from the tap is good to drink. When I worked in Guinea, Africa, we had a small water purification plant for the camp in the jungle at 720 m elevation for 400 people. That water was rated safe to drink while the bottled water bought for emergencies was rated contaminated.