François Legault’s Policy On Hijabs

So, the newly elected premier of Quebec wants to outlaw hijabs because they’re a religious symbol that are worn by people in public service jobs.. That is outright stupid. So, given that he has a majority government, the law will probably pass. Now the question is, how will it be applied? The Law, as I understand it, will not allow display of religious symbols by individuals in positions of authority.  So what this means is that there will be no hijabs and the like, no Sheikh turbans , no Christian crosses visible. There will be no priests or nuns working in government or schools that can wear their robes. Since churches are public services funded by the government (free of taxes) , what do those people wear? If you’re a Catholic with a visible necklace with a cross, that’s not acceptable. I can’t even start on what other religions may wear religious garb in public. Really, this guy is a complete a**hole. If the law goes through, and I don’t see the cross on Mount Royal dismantled, then I will downgrade my a**hole rating of Legault to wtf.

So just to clarify, the legislation will outlaw religious symbols in government jobs if they are not Christian. Christians can flaunt their religion whenever they want.

The CAQ has no intention of removing the crucifix that hangs behind the Speaker’s chair in the province’s National Assembly.

François Legault stated that “The crucifix hanging in Quebec’s National Assembly is a historical symbol, not a religious one, even though it represents the Christian values of the province’s two colonial ancestors.” What a crock! First off, the cross is obviously a religious symbol, give me a break. Second, Protestants do not place crosses in buildings or wear crosses around their neck.